Friday, June 2, 2017

Mob 47 - 7" and Warvictims - 12"

* Mob 47 - Dom ljuger igen, 7" (reg, black vinyl) = 45sek
* Mob 47 - Dom ljuger igen, 7" (ltd, red vinyl) = 55sek
* Warvictims - Världsherravälde, 12" = 100sek
+ postage

"Dom ljuger igen"
by Mob 47 was originally released by Communichaos in 2008, but has been sold out for several years. Here's a smoking fresh repress, total press 1270 (1050black and 220red). Co-released with Farewell. I got a few spare tour edition screen printed covers that I will include for free as long as it remains to all who buy the red mailorder version.

New Warvictims 12", who would've guessed? Not me. Anyway, here it is. Eight new tracks released by Nuclear Fear Records.

My inbox is not what it once was, it's worse than ever before. In time, I'll catch up. Thanks for your patience.

Soundtrack: Aura Noir - Out to die

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Mob 47 and 偏執症者(Paranoid) join forces for a deafening high voltage heavy mental hardcore raw punk attack. Up the fucking Mangel!!!

10/05 - Oslo (NOR), Blitz
11/05 - Göteborg (SWE), Truckstop Alaska
12/05 - Köpenhamn (DNK), Dödsmaskinen
13/05 - Hannover (DEU), Stumpf
14/05 - Den Haag (NLD), Vereniging de vinger
15/05 - Paris (FRA), La Comedia
16/05 - Milano (ITA), Foa Boccaccio
17/05 - Ljubljana (SVN), Klub Gromka
18/05 - Wien (AUT), Venster99
19/05 - Prag (CZE), Punx Picknic Festival
20/05 - Potsdam (DEU), Fliese
21/05 - Malmö (SWE), Plan B

Or click the TOUR EVENT for further info. Get involved and let's raise some serious hell!

Mob 47 - Dom ljuger igen, 7" (re-issue!)

Yes, its true, we're re-releasing the long time sold out 'Dom ljuger igen' 7" by the almighty MOB 47. We will have both the regular and a limited mailorder version in stock. Its set for release tomorrow for the "Total May(hem) over Europe" tour start. Mail your orders and we'll take care of them as soon as we're back from the tour, end of May. Don't expect anything else than Garanterat Mangel!

My mail is a chapter by itself these days. My free gmail-account is on the limit to max capacity. I will work on this when I'm back and try slowly cleaing up all the unanswered mails. As always, so what's new? Anyway, my deepest apologies to you all, I truly mean no disrespect.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's Grim Up North - Northern UK tour w/ Thisclose

The full force shakedown of the 偏執症者 (Paranoid) Northern UK tour with Thisclose begins tomorrow:

9/3 – Edinburgh
10/3 – Newcastle
11/3 – Liverpool
12/3 – Glasgow

: Dire Straits

Friday, January 27, 2017

Warvictims - NEW song

8 track LP by Warvictims coming in 2017 on Nuclear Fear Records. The nightmare continues...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Oscar "Årre" Lindkvist. RIP!

Vila i frid Årre. Tack för allt.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Freight Train (

It feels like coming home, but also as a great relief to initiate a genuine partnership with my old friends on Freight Train. As my time becomes more constrained and limited, and many are caught in between and gets frustrated that it can sometimes take time with getting an answer from me. This feels like a fun, natural and obvious step in this label's development.
The founders of Freight Train has been involved in the scene since the early 90s, like myself.
We have had to do with each other in one way or another since the late 90's. We share the same basic values and have basically the same principles. That's the most important to me.

Punks asking for Paypal past 10 years,
this is the answer to all your prayers, search no further. Haha. Just click the links above and go nuts! Grumpy, primitive old school record buyers (like myself) who don't feel stressed out when they have not received a response within two weeks can still order directly through:

Beyond stoked and excited about this one!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Back in bizz!

Back at my work after a three-week family vacation. Which also means I will start cleaning up among all the unanswered emails and orders in my inbox during this week. Cheers!

Soundtrack: Deathraid - Eternal Slumber

Sunday, January 1, 2017